SEO Tips and Tricks in 2012 – cong ty seo

The present day brings many the dilemma of the search engines changing their algorithm with the likes of such updates as Panda. That said we must remember for all websites that fresh, highly relevant content is key to a websites success. Over the Years I have experienced many changes in search which often mean even web optimisers themselves are left somewhat dumbfounded by SERPS.

It really is now about staying ahead of the game in SEO and reading what each “expert” in the field has to say about optimisation techniques that will improve your websites ranking. The important thing to remember is as with any aspect of the online world to try and disseminate what’s relatively hear say and what actually works.

Seo tips for Google

There are I think a number of SEO Tips that will always remain true despite algorithmic changes:

1) Content is King – Let’s face it if your website content does not reflect in a relevant way what your business is there is really little chance of it succeeding in terms of the search engines.

2) Localisation counts – It’s now widely know that the likes of Google are putting greater focus on highly contextual and localised results. So, as always if you want to target the UK – Host in the UK, have a UK IP and to target local results be mindful about geographic areas with your keyword research.

3) Domain Name Domination – If you really really want to rank for a very generic phrase or indeed have any chance of reaching a good rank then the domain name is often key. Make certain where at all possible that the domain name contains the keyword(s) that you would like to rank for.

4) Keyword Research – Many use tools like Word-tracker and Keyword Discovery or Google itself  to find those rich keywords that will bring traffic to a website. Fine, but think more about Google Instant for example. Whilst on the subject of website traffic, is it converting traffic? THINK about what will convert.

5) Back-links- Yep, everyone wants those all-important back-links. Some pay for them ( No really??) Let’s face it the value of someone who is RELEVANT in your sector linking to you will always remain high despite how the algorithmic changes.

6) Your website code counts – If the coding on your website isn’t up to scratch then how do you honestly expect a search engine to interpret it and then magically come up with the results you wanted to see in search.

7) Social Media- There is no escaping the rise of Twitter etc. But be aware, you NEED a strategy for social media to work for you and your business. Think about what angle your tweets will be coming from, how you may deal with customers who directly criticise your service online. Social Media should now ALWAYS be incorporated into any serious online marketing campaign.

8) Images- People are now much more visually focused when it comes to the information they are presented with online. With the arrival of the Ipad, smart phones and tablet devices we can expect that many will consider a websites value by the way in which it looks. YES Google can interpret images and read them, so make sure everything is labeled up correctly.

9) I Have just mentioned mobile devices. Which of course are now ever more prevalent in today’s society. Think about optimising your website for mobile viewing. How does it look on an IPhone? Or a Blackberry?

10) Remember most importantly to enjoy the experience of optimising a website. The growth in visitors will surely spur you on to keep going. But there WILL be dull days, where you think all that work you put into the website has been in vain. Don’t give up– press on!

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